Are you using the power of SEO, Search Engine Optimization for business development and  lead generation?

If you are not leveraging the power of SEO to generate and convert more leads to buyers, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

I have heard people say Search Engine Optimization is not that important, especially when it comes to big commercial clients. Some people claim that some big corporations are not using Bing and Google to find web developers, graphic designers or any suppliers or vendors.

Well, they may not be but their marketing managers, purchasing agents, administrative assistants and IT managers are. In fact, they are using search engines every day in every facet of their work.

So if big companies are using SEO, small businesses need to use it to their advantage. Imagine having a website with a lot of information, links and images without people to visit it. That is where Search Engine Optimization comes in.

Even if your website has the most beautifully laid out pictures with amazing content, you need SEO to drive traffic to it or else you will be the only one checking your beautiful website.

So what is SEO and how can you generate quality leads with it without any hassle? 

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search is the ability to research keywords that customers will think to type into a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing when they are searching for your product or service.

Keyword research takes a lot of forms from the obvious to researching your products, services, industry and competitors marketing tactics to find words and phrases that drive traffic and sales through your website.

Engine are the algorithms that the search engine companies use to match their compiled index to your content based on the keyword entered. Google has over 200 factors that it looks for to be perfected to help rank your content and for your keywords to be found.

Optimization are the techniques used to perfect the content and code to create the signals that are needed for the keyword to return your website first.

Internet Marketing Services & Definitions Overview

Search Engine Optimization

Reach the top of the search engines with proven SEO services from one of the oldest online marketing companies. SEO helps to increase your relevant online traffic that drives your services and sales to increase your bottom line performance. Some of the key components that make up this service are:

On Page Optimization

Refers to all of the measures that can be taken within the website in order to improve its positioning. This includes hundreds of factors including code optimization, title and meta tags, site speed, mobile useability, internal linking, writing in natural language and dozens of other factors. Most importantly, How relevant is your page to the query?

Keyword Research

Is the process whereby we research the key words, terms and phrases as well as alternative search words and terms that people type into search engines to find your products and services.

SEO Audits

We’ll assess your website and find ways to improve its search engine rankings. A campaign is nothing without auditing your campaign. We’ll ensure that you’re in the loop and we are carefully watching your online signals in order to constantly update your campaign to get you on top of the search engines.

Competitor Analysis

Sometimes staying on top in terms of sales requires keeping an eye on the competition. Active Development conducts a deep dive into your competitors marketing practices to help you maximize your exposure relative to your competition. Ranking above your competition online will help drive revenues to your bottom line first.

Link Building

We’ll acquire authoritative, powerful, and relevant links that improve your SEO. Link building helps you to rise as an authority for your site and in your industry. The higher the page or domain authority the more clout it will give you with the search engines. We specialize in natural organic link building to help drive you to page 1 of the search engines.

Page Speed Optimization

Assurance that your website pages will always load quickly. Web users want instant gratification and search engine algorithms rank your speed applying points to perceived customer experience. These points help your rankings rise.

Online Business Development 

Since 1998!

Global and Local SEO

Enhancing your global or local search presence to dominate the first page of the most popular search engines to increase site visits and sales and dominate your industry on a local level. Local SEO is great for business that want to attract customers that are located in the same geographic area. National or Global SEO are for those that want to dominate their space/industry, regionally, nationally or globally.

Off Page Optimization

Refers to all of the measures that can be taken off of your website that help improve your search engine ranking. Creating positive signals online that are directed at your content and brand singaling your website or content as having the most relevance or expertise in that space. These signals can come in the form of social media, blog posts, forums, Linkedin promotions, reviews in Yelp and other forums are just a few that will be maximized to drive social signals to your brand or webpage.

Content Marketing

Much of the search engines algorithms today are based on common sense. Building content that is interesting to those searching, keeps them on your pages longer. This sends a signal to the search engines that your content is engaging and increases your position with the search engines. The more time spent the more the search engines see you as an expert in your space. The search engines eat this up. Giving visitors valuable information and content will make you rank higher. The perfected placement and promotion of that material is the job of your search engine optimization expert, Active Development.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile users are growing to over 50% of the search and shopping online today. The search engine algorithms carefully scrutinize mobile websites differently than others. Active Development monitors and helps you perfect your customers mobile site experience to help dribe your keywords to the top of the SERPS and create an experience for your customer so you don’t lose sales. Optimizing your site for mobile users

Conversion Rate Optimization

Analyze and test your website’s content, what users are looking at where the are clicking to boost your conversion rate exponentially. Active Development will analyze and test your conversion rate when conducting a campaign to ensure that you’re getting the most from your marketing effort.

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As a leading internet marketing agency, we know that your company is unique. We want you to embrace what makes you different, and what makes you stand out from the crowd. That’s why we offer a free SEO analysis as a starting point to show you what is needed for you to obtain your companies vision and sales goals. Once engaged we will conduct a deep dive to analyze not just your business but your industry and competition to help you achieve your online business development goals.

Are you ready to start working with a top Internet marketing firm? Does your firm need to boost their website rankings, attract more visitors and increase your conversions and sales. Since 1998!

Active Development Search Engine Optimization:

* It’s cost effective
* It increases Reach
* It increases Brand Awareness
* It Generates More Qualified Leads
* It Can Position Your Business as theAuthority
* Its Easy To Monitor
* It Can Help You Generate More Revenue


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