Unless you’re a not for profit business you are driven by sales and bottom line performance. In order to scale your business you need customers and sales. According to Pew research in 2017 95% of all US citizens had cellphones, 77% of those were smartphones. 47 million tablets are expected to be shipped in the USA this year alone. How is this relevant? Well to be an online prospect, we need you to search online. Since Google has the lion share of the market 79% of the global desktop traffic with Bing coming in 2nd at 7.9%, we should be asking ourselves well who searches online and how many searches are conducted a day. The answer to that is staggering.  There are 40,000 search queries conducted every second which translates into over 3.5 billion searches entered into the Google search bar every day.  

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If that is not reason enough how about the fact that there is no better, less expensive way to get in front of prospects and potential customers than through Search Engine Optimization. While PPC may drive revenue faster and your immediate image is better served by a good social media marketing campaign, the bedrock of your online digital marketing campaign should be SEO.  Ultimately it provides the largest customer base with the lowest cost of client acquisition. The trust factor being on top of the SERPS may actually provide more street cred for first time buyers of your products and services than social media. When someone is searching for something they need or want, social media may provide the fluff but getting to the right page on your website or directly to the information they are searching for will more likely close a sale than pretty pictures, and I’m not downplaying the importance of pretty pictures….tagged properly.

Search engine use and popularity continues to rise. Somewhere around 85% of customers heck online reviews prior to making a purchase and believe it or not this number is just expected to rise.  If you want to be found instead of your customer when your prospects search, SEO will be important for your business.

Some interesting search engine facts. 

The difference between 1st place positioning and 5th place is a 25% decrease in traffic.

Mobile traffic is 52% of the market
91.8% of search engine market share runs through Google.

Why do we think that SEO provides credibility?

Think about it this way. When we use to look for a business in the yellow pages, did you feel more comfortable in calling the guy with an ad 3 pages down in the category or did you choose the guy on the first page of that category. The first few pages and listing made you feel more confident. Psychologically, seeing a company over and over each time you look up that keyterm or category unconsciously brands your business in the mind of your potential customer.


Traffic, Traffic, Traffic…Its all about traffic right?  Wrong. Just driving traffic to your website is not going to build your company or bottom line.  But would you rather have your storefront in a desert or on main street in a big city with hundreds of customers walking by. The likelihood is higher that with so much traffic walking by that some of that traffic will walk through your door. In addition, building your search engine optimization, SEO presence is much more affordable than paying rent in a busy city. Even with a busy storefront walk by traffic is not targeted to your products and services like SEO traffic. When someone types in a search term and the results are returned they are relevant to what that person is looking for. Going back to the retail store in a busy city it would be akin to those people walking by a shoe store that all need shoes..Relevant, qualified traffic at your door.

SEO has additional benefits as well

*SEO has a higher rate of return than just about any other form of advertising either online or offline.
* SEO gives unmatched insight into your customers
* SEO builds trust and credibility
* SEO influences purchasing decisions  as well as increasing brand awareness
* SEO receives 90% more clicks than PPC
* SEO can give smaller business an edge.
* SEO ranking lasts almost forever and is affordable for any business.
* SEO Your competitors are using SEO to grow, you should too.

Investing in SEO makes good business sense. In considering hiring an SEO agency expert it is important to understand what is involved and what your SEO company needs to do for you.

Keyword Research This is the locating and optimization and defining the audiences you want to reach online, then communicate to Google where you want to meet those people. People search specific terms like laptop computers and your company shows up in the search results. The searcher already having confidence by way of Google, clicks on your companies link and a new prospect is born.  What’s more that client already knows what they want and found a company that they have confidence in to buy it from.

Onpage Optimization or technical work on your website including its code, pictures and hundreds of other factors that Google searches for when evaluating websites for ranking.

Offpage Optimization including link building and social signals. Linkbuilding is more like relationship building. If you buy a laptop and loved the experience, you are likely to refer other people to that same vendor. Now if that person referring your business had authority or was an expert in their space consider how much influence they would have over your new customers purchase decisions. Building links through relevant companies or experts in your space that themselves have what is called high page authority or high domain authority helps to send positive authoritative signals to Google that your domain is more of an expert in its space.  Although some believe that social signals are more for branding, as the algorithms get smarter the same holds true for the site or person talking about or blogging about your company or product. SEO firms working on your site will focus on relevant link building to build authority for your company and website.

Although many companies know they need to do this today and typically employ someone in house to manage their social media, hiring an SEO company will typically result in a team of experts to streamline the process and maximize the Return on Investment.  Using an outside source for your keyword and social media content provides fresh perspective. It is very difficult for companies to see outside of their vision or business to see themselves from their customers perspective. This is something that an SEO expert can manage for you.

SEO work systemic. In other words just sending signals to Google by doing one or two things is just not enough. The work is ongoing and a broad range of skills is needed to be successful. Hiring all of the correct talent would be very expensive. A team of experts will streamline the process and maximize your return on investment.



Staying competitive in today’s search driven marketplace requires expert online marketing. Without it your business could be lost with no visitors. As Google and the search engine algorithms become more sophisticated, it becomes more and more difficult to navigate your way to the top. To pinpoint what is preventing your site from ranking number one let Infrastructure Preservation Corporation run a complete site audit on your site and take advantage of their FREE consulting.  FORM

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