Write Quality SEO Content To Boost Your Ranking

Good quality SEO, Search Engine Optimization content should immediately catch the readers’ attention. The average bounce rate for pages and articles is 6 seconds. That means you have 6 seconds to convince our read rot read your content.

The hook should be immediately there. Partner this with interesting information and you can guarantee your readers’ attention early on. Your hook is search engine optimization.

But you have to continue this with interesting and poignant content further on. The key to any great project is the research you put behind it. Then implement that research in an interesting and exciting way. Business development and digital marketing solely rely on these tactics.

This is exactly what you do with articles you wish to be search engine optimized.


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Research for SEO keywords

The key to search engine optimization is research. Research up on the keywords that are popular in your domain. Google Trends and Google Keyword Search are great tools to find the right words to use in your article. Suppose you are looking into writing blogs to promote your business.


Look up the most searched keywords relating to your business and integrate them into your article. If used well, these blogs and articles can be pivotal to business development.

Make Your SEO Content Succinct

No one online has the time to read through your entire article. Most people on the internet do not have the attention span to read lengthy blocks of text.  

This means that you have to divide your content into short bite sized sections. This helps reader to easily read you content. This is important in digital marketing as you want to get your point across as soon and as easily as possible.

Divide your content into multiple headings and subheadings. Google’s search engine algorithm favors content that has many headings. This also makes it easier for users to quickly skin through your content.


Writing Your SEO Content

Content that is search engine optimized needs to be a cut above the rest. This means that there should be no grammatical mistakes, no spelling errors and certainly no plagiarism. If you are caught with plagiarized content on your blog then is it immediately game over for you.

Google immediately cracks down on sites and blogs that do not follow its rules. Duplicate content is penalized and will have the opposite affect than what you are seeking so be sure that your content is original. Also remember that most content is online forever. Will your content still be relevant in 6 months or a year?

It is also important to remember to never overdo it. Use your keywords sparingly. It is recommended that only 1-3% of your article is keywords.  Too many keywords utilized in your article will be seen as spammy by Google and may get your site delisted. At the very least it will also have a negative affect on your SEO .  Reach out to your online marketing professional for advice on your content and to help write your articles. If you need assistance to help you rank better contact ActiveDevelopment.com at 800-493-1407


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Make Your SEO Content Interesting

The most important thing you need to know as a writer is that your readers are there for your articles. So always make your content interesting to read. A well-written articles will always attract more traffic and users than some fluff.

More traffic to your website and articles means more sharing and more link building. This also encourages more advertisers to advertise on your page.

Anything you do to try and fool the users to read your articles will make you fall flat on your face. So, do everything in your power to make your actual content interesting to read. I would say more than interesting…engaging and informative so the reader may want to bookmark or share your content. Follow these guidelines and Google will show you the love.

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