Financial advisors and CPA’s recommend SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to their clients to help their business grow in today’s market.  

The PEW Global Research centre shows that in the United States alone over 95% of the population has a phone and 77% of these had an internet connection. This number if course increasing daily as mobile phones become more and more accessible.  Why should this be of any importance to you as a business owner? Well many business advisors are now heavily advising businesses to employ search engine optimization tactics in order to expand their businesses.

Print media has all shifted towards online. This means that there is an abundance of media just waiting to be read. In fact, people are actively searching for the media they want to read. The PEW Research Centre figure cited above should show any business owner that their business is waiting to be found by people. It is the responsibility of you, as the business owner to get your word out there and there is no better way than Search Engine Optimization.

Why Business Advisors Recommend Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is a way to get your word out there without ever really needing to advertise your business. It is not advised that you completely forego advertisements, but it is advised that you spend more on SEO content. 


This content could be written material, short interesting videos or picture posts.  Business advisors have heavily pushed towards SEO marketing because of how good the results are. Most businesses now rely on the online world for simple operation let alone expansion.


It is expected that by the year 2020, more than 85% of business related activity will occur online. This means that if you are not adopting to the model of the online business world, your business will soon be a thing of the past


But Search Engine Optimization content is one way to save your business relatively inexpensively. Many businesses will resort to aggressive marketing and advertising strategies to combat their sinking ships. But the trick here suggested by many business advisors and even recommended by CPA’s is that to get clientele to find your business.

Search Engine Optimization content relies on the fact that people will search for what they want and then find your business or service through a blog or video or whatever else. You as the business owner must then create this content for your future clients to search for. `

How do you do this?

Well business advisors recommend using tools such as Google Trends to locate the most used search queries in your respective business domain.  Say for example, you have a computer repair business and the query “cheap macbook repair’’ is the top result. Well you then create blogs, articles or videos with this query sprinkled everywhere. 

The best strategy would be for you to engage a search engine optimization specialist by filling out the form above. The site analysis and initial consultation is FREE.


Search engine optimization to dominate your space and win more sales.

In any case, do not attempt to fool the audience. If you have created content that is devoid of any quality or substance and only fitted with keyword or keyword stuffing everywhere, not only will the audience reject it but also the search engines you have chosen will pull your rankings down.



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