Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is a means of increasing a webpage’s ranking and traffic in an organic way. 

Organic here means to increase traffic without paid ads. 

Constructing your webpages to be aesthetically pleasing while ignoring the content of your webpage is a huge oversight new companies and businesses make. 

Optimizing content according to a search engine’s demands is extremely important today for the success of your business.

Improving the content of your webpage, working with tried
and tested SEO methods will definitely bring in organic traffic and increase
overall bottom line performance. 

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Dominating your business category online will make you look like the authority in your industry. New customers and prospects that see you on the top of the search engines will want to do business with you first.

  • Quality Content

The content on your website has to be actually meaningful and should provide the user with genuine information. How does the search engine determine how a page is useful? It checks the time a user spends on the webpage. If someone spends a longer time on your website, that means that they found the webpage useful.


Spend time investing in research and creating meaningful content will go a long way.

Search Engine Optimization will help your business thrive. Driving traffic from customers that are looking for your goods and services.

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  • Keyword Mapping

Suppose your website is an online clothes retailer that has categories for men, women and children. If a user were to search “soccer shoes”, where would this query take them? What is the appropriate page landing page for this query?
Keyword mapping is an extremely useful tool that will help increase user involvement in your page. Map keywords to specific pages, being careful of the overlapping categories, that’s where most of the effort will come in. 


  • Faster Loading Pages

You might not think it but users will leave your page immediately if it takes even a second longer to load. That’s how fast and your page has to respond to queries. This can be achieved by compressing images, having a low number of plug ins, and caching plug ins.

A streamlined code will contribute greatly to the responsiveness to the website as well.

  • MultiMedia

Having pictures and videos in your webpage increases user engagement to your website, thus increasing ranking in the search engine’s search result.
Users are much more like to watch videos than they are to scan through walls of text. Because that’s what people do with text, they don’t read, they scan.


  • Formatting

Because of our ability to scan through text without really reading the content, webpages should be formatted in a way that aids this scanning ability. Paragraphs should be not more then 3-4 lines and the use of subheadings is highly encouraged. The use of subheadings gives quick reference to a reader who’s just looking for a small piece of information

  • Mobile Optimization

Your website should aid itself to mobile users. Even Google announced in 2015 that it would significantly push down a website’s rank if it didn’t have a mobile website.

By using some of these SEO techniques, you can significantly increase the rank of your website and increase traffic and directly affecting the quality of performance. 

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