How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page for SEO


Linkedin is one of the largest professional business networks in the world. Businesses are made up of people. Those people are the ones that buy your goods and services. 


Building a professional page and using  relevant keywords will make it easier for Google to figure out what your company LinkedIn page stands for.

How Can LinkedIn Help

Market to who matters most.
Locate the targeted businesses and employees with the titles and responsibilities that purchase your goods and services.

Pinpoint market to your targeted audience and become the authority in your field.

Increase connections and engagement to the audience targeted to your goods and services.

Keep your time and marketing dollars focused on driving sales to your bottom line.

Find More Prospects Close More Deals

  • Create A Linkedin Page
  • Create Relevant Discussion Groups
  • Connect With Potential Prospects
  • Drive Traffic To Your Website
  • Close more sales!

Features to start


First impressions mean everything. 6 out of 10 business look to social media before making a purchase.


Linkedin provides powerful analytic and tracking tools to connect with those that matter and to maintain those connections.


By staying connected to your target audience, they will turn to you when they are ready to buy. You will close more deals more often.

Join over 500 million people

As of April 2017, LinkedIn had 500 million members in 200 countries. Through LinkedIn you can promote content, drivebrand awareness and generate targeted leads. 

Mobile Optimization

Mobile speed

Mobile speed is a factor in search engine ranking and increasing in importance.

Mobile Marketing

Multi-channel digital marketing aimed at reaching clients on mobile devices.

Mobile Sharing

Social signals help you climb the search engine rankings. Mobile Sharing can help with those signals.

mobile Design

Mobile design, ease of use and mobile interface will help drive traffic and close more sales.

mobile seo

Ensuring mobile responsiveness with an easy user-friendly interface to help rank higher and close more mobile sales.

mobile site audit

Deep dive into dozens of search engine algorithm signals to make you rank higher and drive more traffic.